The World

The world is yours, if there have been struggles or adversity in your life this card represent that the finish line is approaching. Don’t give up, you are about to take home the gold medal. Your spiritual journey is almost complete, you are stronger and wiser. Soon you will be lifting the well deserved trophy 🙂



Queen of Pentacles

I have dealt this lovely earthy woman, weirdly I’ve just got back in touch in the last day with an old female friend, an Aquarian, and I have felt so upbeat since I have been back in touch with her. She is encouraging me today to start an art class. I dealt an extra card to see how she would effect my life today. I got the Star, she’s here to give me hope and show me the light. Amen!



Queen of Wands

It’s me. A Fire sign female finally taking back my throne. I’ve never felt better or stronger than I do right now today. The return of the Queen. This feminine card represents strength, power, assertion, free and very much uplifted. A positive symbol that I’ve reclaimed my crown.



The Emperor

The emperor is a card I really struggle with understanding it’s meaning…Is it my father? Is it a father? So I dealt a few more cards on the daily card to get a feel for it. Does this mean my dad is gonna find a girlfriend? Or am I about to meet someone who will be a father to my kids? I still aren’t sure about this. Input would be nice…does anyone have any opinions on these cards?



Seven of Cups

Choices. Choices. Choices. I have the day off work and plan to do a little, much deserved, retail therapy with my friend, Yasmin. This card is telling me I will have plenty of choice, but it will be difficult to make a decision. Some items might not be as good or right for me as I first suspect…..interesting