At the centre of the reading is The World (completion and the happy ending to my story) it is opposed by Two of Swords (blocked emotion, refusing to drop my guard). The deep feeling behind this is Five of Wands (I feel I’m losing the fight to other competition, struggling to compete) but on the surface is The Magician (I feel I need to take action, do something NOW). Past influence is Queen of Wands (this card is always my signifier so my influence is passing) and being replaced by King of Cups in the Future (a water sign male, hopefully a hot one!…he represents security and trust). In the Self position lies Seven of Wands (I’m kicking ass, beating the competition, taking the advantage) and in the Other <person or enviroment> position is Four of Wands (enjoying time with the family & friends, home). In the Guidance/Key Factor is The Fool (being carefree, taking a risk, optimistic) with the Conclusion being Ten of Pentacles (security, traditions, creating a safe foundation to build a family).